Our goal is to make Mortgages easy

We've interviewed hundreds of people that have gone through multiple mortgages and we're addressing issues in regards to filling out forms in an easier way, simplifying the language used, adding further transparency in describing loan estimates and even tackling equal opportunity lending in ways than nobody else has done it before. Give us a chance and let us Wow You!

How we're changing things

We're working hard on delivering a real e-mortgage experience. Our short term goal is making you feel like taking out a mortgage is not like "pulling teeth". With us you can click a button and talk to one of our Friendly Licensed Mortgage Experts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We're automating tasks that used to require going to your bank for statements or reaching out to your HR department for a verification of employment. We're even rolling out a crypto strategy with new types of home loans you've never even thought about. Stay Tuned for big things with MORTGIJ. Our ultimate goal, is for you to spell MORTGAGE like this: MORTGIJ.

Some of our Lending Partners

MORTGIJ is a cloud based end to end mortgage lending platform that empowers our licensed loan experts to deliver exceptional service to borrowers.

Mortgij - Equity Prime Mortgage
Mortgij - PRMG
Mortgij - Home Point Financial
Mortgij - AmWest Funding Corp
Mortgij - Rocket Pro TPO
Mortgij - NewRez
Mortgij - Freedom Mortgage
Mortgij - Finance of America

Ready to get started?

Get pre-approved by MORTGIJ the same day you apply. It can all be done from your mobile device.