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We're obsessed with creating a delightful, seamless and secure customer experience for borrowers.
We’re adding automation at every stage of the mortgage process and increasing visibility via a simple to use mobile app that keeps all parties involved always up to date.
We're a modern mortgage originator determined to become the One Stop Shop for home loans.

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What are the steps in a Mortgage Purchase process?

Our simplified Real Estate mortgage purchase process can be outlined by the following diagram. Follow our steps, get your documents ready and you’ll be closing on your new home purchase in record time!

Video conference with loan expert

Fill out Secure Loan application via web/mobile

Submit borrower documents

Get Pre-Approved

Review properties online

Submit Purchase Offer

Tour the house upon offer accepted.

Open escrow & earnest money deposit

Loan submitted to lender

lender Initial disclosures including Loan Estimate e-signed

Appraisal completed

Conditional Approval that borrower must satisfy

Closing Disclosure 3 days prior to close of escrow

Close of Escrow - Buyers sign & Sellers sign

Loan Disbursement & Recording

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